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Digitally empowering the sales force through connected learning

Toyota recognized that empowering its sales force with digital connectivity was crucial for adapting to evolving customer needs. Their salespeople required a collaborative platform that fostered continuous learning, knowledge sharing, and rapid response capabilities.  

An extensive discovery process was undertaken, touring Toyota's sales regions across North America. Through on-site interviews, observations, and an employee survey, an intimate understanding was gained of the existing technology landscape and how salespeople utilized these tools.

Leveraging these insights, a pioneering digital experience was architected that amalgamated the collaborative spirit of a wiki with the engaging elements of social networking. This transformative platform enabled salespeople to effortlessly create and disseminate content, tap into a collective knowledge base, and earn recognition through a gamified badging system.


However, realizing this vision required more than just implementing new technology. It demanded a comprehensive reinvention of Toyota's sales processes to foster a digital-first culture of continuous learning and customer-centric agility. Through this holistic transformation, Toyota's sales force became a highly connected and empowered team, equipped to consistently deliver exceptional customer experiences.


Personas and journeys were developed for four sales types

Screenshot 2024-03-08 at 9.17.52 PM.png

The experience enabled team members to create, share and learn.

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